To support individuals to grow and reach their full potential.



Our coaching philosophy is based on the belief that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, best equipped to create their own futures and come up with their own solutions and that coaching enables organisations to use their talent more effectively by building on the strengths of their people. 


The coaching relationship is a collaborative partnership between equals. The coach’s role is to support the client in realising their full potential, in understanding and developing insight into their lives and in implementing change by overcoming obstacles and developing and attaining a vision and goals. It is important that there is rapport and trust and that the client determines the agenda. Collaboration is supported by explaining the coach’s philosophy and models used to the coachee.


We use proven tools and techniques to draw out some of these answers and to help the client to move forward but given our principle that the agenda is client-driven, we are not prescriptive about models used, but select them based on where the client is and their agenda.


All coaching sessions are confidential. The client is free to terminate the relationship at any time. Typically, the most effective coaching relationships require eight to ten sessions, with sessions taking place every two to three weeks. The client is in charge of the coaching programme and makes the decisions about how often they wish to meet and when to start and stop coaching.


We adhere to the code of ethics of the Association for Coaching.


To explore how we might support your people, please feel free to contact us for a preliminary discussion.