Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership

Can you imagine everyone in your organisation working at their full potential?
Can you imagine everyone being motivated and feeling valued?


We support leaders and leadership teams to become more INCLUSIVE, which means that you will engage, tap into and motivate all the talent in your organisation, which has been proven to lead to higher retention and engagement rates among employees, increased innovation, greater profitability and up to 30 percent higher revenue per employee


  • EMPOWERING – They empower others, ensuring that everyone has a voice and an ability to flourish and reach their potential
  • COMMITMENT – They are committed to inclusion because they recognise the benefits, both to individuals and to the business
  • CONSTRUCTIVE UNCERTAINTY – They resist jumping to conclusions and tend to ask questions, seeking out potentially different perspectives, displaying open-mindedness and curiosity
  • CULTURAL AGILITY – They display an ability to adapt to different cultures and different groups, while maintaining their authenticity
  • COURAGE – They are not afraid to challenge exclusion and bias, even at personal risk to themselves.
  • HUMILITY – They are not afraid to admit when they get it wrong and don’t claim to have all the answers
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – They hold people accountable for their decisions, expect transparency and reward inclusive behaviour

What is Inclusive Leadership?

Inclusive Leaders create and cultivate environments in which people feel that they belong but in which their difference and what makes them unique is also recognised. They actively invite diverse perspectives. People feel safe expressing their opinions and ideas, enriching the discussion and arriving at a better outcome for everyone.

Inclusive Leaders have the following nine traits:

  • AWARENESS – They are emotionally intelligent and have high levels of self-awareness and awareness of others, including an ability to recognise unconscious bias
  • FAIR PLAY – Fair play is a strong value for them and they communicate that they expect it from others




We support leaders and leadership teams with developing a more inclusive style of leadership.

We agree an approach that is right for your business and may include the following:

  • 360 assessments of inclusive leadership
  • Organisational assessment / audit
  • Education – workshops & awareness raising
  • Individual /Group coaching
  • Systems & processes to cultivate inclusion
  • Initiatives to cultivate inclusion

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