Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

What sort of a leader do you want to be?

Would you like to explore and discover your purpose?

We support leaders and leadership teams to grow and reach their full potential through INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP COACHING, TEAM COACHING and PEER COACHING


We understand that leadership is a privilege, with considerable responsibility, which can feel both exciting and onerous. We coach leaders and support them to gain clarity about what a meaningful and fulfilling life means to them; and to make that vision a reality. 

We have found that we are particularly effective in supporting those with or aspiring to high levels of responsibility, who want to explore the type of leader they want to be, and who want to take an holistic approach to discovering and living their purpose.

We believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, best equipped to create their own futures and come up with their own solutions. 


We provide fora to allow a group of participants to

  • be coached as a group by a qualified coach
  • share experiences with and learn from other participants
  • identify issues, as a group, on which they would like to be coached
  • identify their strengths & areas for development
  • develop goals and action plans
  • create a support network


In today’s rapidly changing environment, leadership teams face increasing pressure to deliver challenging outcomes while dealing with complex organisational change. To meet this challenge, forward-thinking organisations are shifting towards shared and more distributed leadership structures.

Team coaching has been shown to be a valuable tool to support teams to develop effective communication, collaboration and leadership skills, to align around a common purpose, to develop a healthy culture and to achieve their goals.

As team coaches, we navigate the often-complex dynamics that arise within teams, working with them to increase engagement, to positively navigate conflict and to foster good decision-making and ultimately drive impact. Through guided introspection, reflection and feedback, individuals are empowered to become better team players and the team as a whole is supported.

peer coaching



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