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I found the facilitation and direction by Mary Carroll through a disciplined structured process invaluable for our senior management team. Apart from the practical aspects of questioning the fundamentals of your business model and revisiting our Value proposition, the great benefit is our refreshed culture and mind set with a jointly agreed strategy for growth…….the outcome is that everyone has already started implementing the strategy and this is already delivering significant growth in turnover and margins.

Sean McNulty

Managing Director, Dolmen

Mary Carroll worked with Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) to develop our Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020.  Working with multiple stakeholders including board, senior management and cross functional working groups, Mary’s pragmatic and flexible approach allowed us to revisit and restate our Values, Vision and Mission to reflect our organisational ethos and personality.  Combining her coaching and business management expertise, Mary facilitated a process that enabled our SMT to grow as a team and develop a set of clear and measurable strategic objectives.  We are well on track to delivering on our Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020 and the clarity of direction and metrics in our strategy has received significant positive feedback from IWA’s own stakeholders, external evaluators, and our industry peers.  If you want to develop a strategy that will deliver for your business, talk to Mary!

Rosemary Keogh

CEO, Irish Wheelchair Association

Mary Carroll played a vital role in the delivery of our strategic plan. It was a complex assignment which included her working with a number of different groups and stakeholders. She managed these sessions excellently and also kept one eye on the bigger picture at all times. What was delivered was a succinct and impactful strategy. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services, she brought positivity, productivity and professionalism to the task.

Feargal Hynes

Head of Operations and Development, Druid

Druid Strategy

The DRCC worked with Mary over a number months to create a business plan to expand a key area of our work. Mary was very effective at focusing our team by asking insightful questions and by challenging us when we needed it. With Mary’s support we delivered an ambitious yet realistic business plan that made a sufficiently compelling case for support that we secured three-year funding for growing our youth programmes. Mary’s professionalism, her ability to help us clarify our thinking, and her commitment to our success made her a real asset to our organisation.

Jordan Campbell

Strategic Comms & Business Dev Mgr, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

Mary was an executive coach with BEC Consultants Ltd and had an extremely positive influence on the individual managers she worked with and the company as a whole. She was able to assist managers with assessing and clarifying their role in the company and the role of work in their lives. At a company level ….she facilitated the management team producing a 5 year strategy for the company that we are now implementing……. I think we all feel that the strategy has provided the company with more direction and impetus.

Jim Martin

Managing Director, BEC Consultants Ltd

Growth Potential’s Mary Carroll worked with us to develop a strategic plan.    Mary’s dynamic nature has been instrumental in helping us to grow our services.

Mary was instrumental in helping us to identify a wider funding base for the organisation.  She helped us identify key critical challenges for the Centre going forward and as such we were then able to develop strategies which will ensure the effectiveness and viability of the organisation into the future.

As a direct result of Mary’s expertise and input we have grown in confidence and have since hired a support worker and a part-time fundraising assistant.   This renewed self-belief has seen a greater focus on achieving our goals and enabled a greater understanding of future-skills requirement within the organisation.  Mary engaged with staff and volunteers individually and was a delight to work with.  We…would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Helen Culhane

Director, Children's Grief Centre

We worked with Mary on developing our strategy over the course of 4 months…It was a truly  great way to gain a trusted business advisor and be part of a dynamic process designed specifically for us by Mary. Her immense experience in business and consulting come through in her listening skills and guidance. Her questioning skills drew out and clarified our company’s purpose and goals together with developing a meaningful strategy & business plan.

Astute business insight and a propitious, supportive approach have made Mary’s sessions a rewarding investment in our business.

Ed Sheehan

Financial Controller, Apex Geoservices Ltd


I worked with Mary in 2018 on the development of our 3 year strategy. Mary was excellent at keeping me focused, she pushed me to provide a rationale for all the decisions we made, so that not only do we know what we’re doing, but we know how and why also. Since completing our strategy, we refer to it constantly when making decisions, when engaging with stakeholders and when communicating with funders.

I would absolutely recommend Mary for ay strategic development or business modelling work.

Tammy Darcy

Founder, The Shona Project

WITS is a voluntary membership organisation that supports women working and studying in STEM science, technology, engineering and maths. Growth Potential’s Mary Carroll has worked with the WITS Executive over the last year to develop a strategic plan.

 The process enabled us to  get back to our roots and to make sense of what we are and then plan what we want to do. Having been through the process this year we presented a strong strategic plan to our members. Members found it clear and thorough and endorsed it strongly. Growth Potential has enabled WITS to explore its potential and develop an appropriate plan to achieve it, thank you

Marion Palmer

ex-Chair, WITS (Women in Technology & Science)

Mary gives 100% commitment all the time. She brings order to complex environments and I rate her problem solving, project management skills and ability to deal with stressful situations very highly. She works from the ‘bigger picture’, always gets to the best decision, using logic and a clear and easily explained fact based approach. Her ability to analyse situations and data to come to a conclusion or course of action and to understand and clearly explain data trends and variances are balanced by a good “gut feel” element.


She creates a positive “can-do” attitude which people find motivating. Her leadership and communication style is open and inclusive – she demonstrates empathy and listens and hears what others are saying. I see her as very flexible, willing to try new approaches and freely contributing good suggestions across a large range of areas. Mary remains calm in all situations and I always felt confident that she was in control and would get a good result.

Helen Ryan

ex-CEO, Creganna Medical

Mary Carroll coached us in developing a sales process aimed at delivering fast growth in sales of engineering solutions to the Medical Device sector. She did an excellent job in taking our value proposition for this sector on board and acting as a catalyst for the development of a robust sales process. This sales process, which included rolling out new and complex offerings, delivered a marked increase in sales in this sector. Our value proposition was far from clear until Mary analysed it and helped build it.

 Mary exceeded expectations in that she moulded the team into a unit. She also took part in the early customer visits and played a key role in clarifying the offer and winning over the early customers.

 I would recommend Mary’s skills and enthusiasm to other organisations. These skills are broad and include team coaching, process design, customer facing activities, drawing up achievable but demanding project schedules and innovative approaches to obstacles.

Mark McArdle

General Manager, Festo Ireland

We engaged Mary Carroll to work with us to design, develop and deliver a more comprehensive gender awareness component within our existing management development programme, Pathway. Her knowledge of the subject together with her ability to ask pertinent questions resulted in a session where participants questioned assumptions and reflected on their own experiences and situations .

 Mary then went on to support us to deliver the session ourselves, developing resources and coaching our in-house trainers. Mary brings a professional approach, while her ability to share many real and meaningful insights in the area of gender awareness has made an important contribution towards a successful management development programme for Concern.

Honor Marr

Head of Learning and Org Development, Concern Worldwide

Facilitated by Mary Carroll, the ‘Women into Leadership’ workshop was engaging, thought provoking and has stayed with me since.

 The workshop presented well researched materials to participants which left them in no doubt as to the urgency and importance of promoting women into leadership. Interactive discussions and activities enabled the group to understand the multitude of barriers that can stand in the way of women’s progress but more importantly, how these can be overcome at both a personal level and within a workplace.

 I have dipped in and out of the references provided a number of times since taking the course. Overall, a day well spent !

Noreen Gumbo

Programme Leader – HIV & Gender Equality – Trocaire

Great company to partner with for our unconscious bias training sessions. The trainer worked very hard to understand our company and culture, to ensure that our objectives were met. The course was very informative and made us think about unconscious bias both in and out of the workplace. I would recommend this course to others.

Eveyline Clarke


I was delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in the Double X workshop recently. It was an extremely informative and valuable day.

The structure of the day and Mary’s style of facilitation allowed everyone to learn key facts about gender equality in the workplace while also providing some building blocks to apply in our own careers. Although the participants were from different backgrounds and working in different industries, it was surprising how many common themes and shared experiences surfaced.

There are still inherent behaviours and choices made by both men and women that can limit a woman’s career path. As somebody in a leadership position, the Double X workshop highlighted some positive changes I could make to my own behaviour and also to reassess how to facilitate more women into leadership positions.

Joanne Horgan

Director, Vizor Ltd

Women in Technology & Science WITS Strategy

As a working Mum, it was great to be able to give “Women into Leadership” and my career planning dedicated time with other working women to get their perspectives and experiences. Looking at it from different angles, with supporting data and different opinions, really opens your mind to your values, assumptions and opportunities. You take it from an abstract discussion to concrete opinion, learning, data or action plan.

Mary employed a very inclusive approach, appealing to many different styles of learning or discussing. She covered a lot of ground in a calm, safe but thought-provoking & challenging environment and engaged the audience throughout, using different techniques.

I recommend this workshop as it’s a very positive 360 approach to the subject and offers many levels and approaches to solutions.

Sarah Romoli

Business Engagement Manager, Microsoft

Mary Carroll has supported me through one-to-one executive coaching. Always conveying a belief in the power of coaching to improve performance, she was consistently professional and displayed empathy, a great ability to develop rapport and very effective listening skills. I have found Mary excellent at helping me to improve my morale and supporting me in assessing my competences, prioritising my development needs and creating and monitoring a personal development plan.

 I have far more clarity about what I want and a clear and focused resolve to get there. Unexpected benefits have been acknowledging what I am already, & confidence in my future & current work. I cannot describe how valuable it is to have a structured approach to development; someone to help me clarify things, turn ideas into action & hold me to account.

Sophie O'Neill

(ex) Head of Corporate Programme Office, NHS London

I got into contact with Mary Carroll via WITS when I found myself stuck in a job with limited perspective. The sessions with her and Geraldine Doyle helped me to re-discover my potential and identify career opportunities. With the help of Growth Potential I am now in a job that I’m passionate about and that offers exciting future perspectives. Finding out what I really want to do next and how my current experience can support that direction was the key to success. I would encourage anybody to talk to Growth Potential for career advice or skills set assessment.

Sabine Cahill

Team Lead, APC Ltd

I was coached by Mary Carroll on a one to one basis to help me to reach my full potential and achieve my professional goals.  I found her approach and insight extremely helpful and the questions she raised very thought-provoking. She helped me to develop my management and business skills and motivated me to become a top performer in my field.

 I have used quite a few business and executive coaches in my 23 year history in business and Growth Potential has raised the bar.  I would be hard – pressed to consider any other company for our business and executive coaching needs and recommend Growth Potential unreservedly.

Sonja Ferguson

Marketing Manager, Festo Ireland

Mary was an executive coach with BEC Consultants Ltd and had an extremely positive influence on the individual managers she worked with and the company as a whole. She was able to assist managers with assessing and clarifying their role in the company and the role of work in their lives. At a company level ………. I think we all feel that her work has provided the company with more direction and impetus.

Jim Martin

Managing Director, BEC Consultants Ltd


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