Analysis: Contextual, Market & Data

Analysis: Contextual, market & data

We support organisations with figuring out and analysing what's going on in their world that will impact on their business

Contextual Analysis

An integral part of strategy development but also possible in it’s own right, contextual analysis is where we support you with stepping back and examining the environment within which you’re operating. We help you to examine what forces are at play, to identify the key success factors for your industry and to establish how well you are performing versus your competitors. We also support you in identifying what problems you could solve for existing or potential clients

impact coaching


We support clients, both start-up and well established, with establishing product-market fit, with identifying and quantifying their target market and market segmentation, with mapping their competitors’ activity, market share and strategies, with identifying market forces, analysing buyer personas and route to market and with making decisions regarding what part of the market they intend to maintain or secure.

Data Analysis

We can support clients you with deep dives into data to identify trends and areas for future focus. Talk to us about how we can help to make sense of your data


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