Ensuring, Measuring and Communicating the Impact of your Work; Quantifying Impact through Social Return on Investment (SROI)

We help organisations to establish and communicate their social and environmental impact in a meaningful and measurable way. Many organisations want to be socially and environmentally responsible and we understand the importance of quantifying the value of your organisation’s efforts beyond just financial metrics.

We work closely with organisations to conduct rigorous Social Return on Investment (SROI) analyses that provide evidence-based insights into the social and environmental value generated by their activities. We follow a robust and transparent process that involves stakeholder engagement, data collection, impact mapping, and financial valuation to assess the social, environmental, and economic outcomes of your organisation’s activities.

Using SROI, we help organisations understand the tangible and intangible impacts of their programmes, projects, and initiatives, and translate them into monetary terms. This allows our clients to clearly demonstrate the value they create to stakeholders, including investors, donors, partners, and communities.


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Our “Demonstrating Impact” offering goes beyond just measurement. We work collaboratively with organisations to develop strategies and action plans to optimise their impact and align it with their mission, vision, and values. We provide practical recommendations on how to improve performance, maximise positive outcomes, and address any identified gaps or risks.

Partnering with us means gaining a trusted advisor that is committed to helping you demonstrate the full extent of your organisation’s impact. We believe that transparently demonstrating your social and environmental value not only strengthens your accountability and credibility but also inspires positive change in your organisation and beyond.

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